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Shore Lanes

Family Bowling Center

"It's bowling in HD!"


Now Forming Fall leagues!!!
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Shore Lanes

Friday Night Bowling League

1stplace $6,000

(per half , based on 30 teams)

Meeting August 22nd  @ 6:30pm

1stnight of bowling September 5th

6:15 practice 6:30 start


35 week Season ( two seventeen week halves).

$22.00 per week plus $20.00 membership fee

80% from 800 to 1050 inclusive, nothing under 800. Over 1050 is 100%.


1050 will be the maximum team average for any new team entering. A new bowler may not enter the league with a three  year composite exceeding 220.


For more information call Rick 586-206-9125


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For more information contact us here or call 586-293-0880 Ext 0

Open Bowling Prices   Galactic Bowling
Monday Madness:
4:00pm-11:00pm $1.50 per game all day long
4:00pm-11:00pm $2.50 per game/$14.00 per hour
4:00pm- 11:00pm $2.50 per game/$14.00 per hour
4:00pm-11:00pm $2.50 per game/$14.00 per hour
12:00pm-5:00pm $1.00 per game
5:00pm-10:00pm $3.50 per game/$14.00 per hour
10:00pm-1:00am $20.00 per hour
4:00pm-10:00pm 3.50 per game/ $14.00 per hour
11:00pm-1:00am $20.00 per hour
9:00AM-12:00PM rent a lane for 3 hours for $15.00
12:00PM- 4:00PM$3.50 per game/$14.00 per hour
Times & Prices are subject to change. Please call to confirm open bowling prices and times.
($15.00 minimum on credit & Debit)
It doesn't get more exciting than Galactic Bowling at Shore Lanes! Our lanes are set up for some of the most fascinating light and sound experiences you will witness in a Bowling Center.
Enjoy a night club feel with great music, lights and atmosphere. You will not be dissapointed by our state of the art sound system and custom lanes.
                          4.00 per game   OR                
                          $20.00 per hour per lane              
10:00 PM-1:00AM
                           4.00 per game    OR
                           $20.00 per hour per lane
   Galactic Bowling can be purchased by the hour or the game and you may have up to 5 bowlers on a lane.
*Please note that Galactic Bowling may be pushed back 10-15 minutes due to league bowling or reserved parties.
Times & prices are subject to change. Please call to confirm open bowling prices and times.
 ($15.00 minumum on all credit & Debit)