How much money do you want to raise?

 Whether your goal is $300, $3,000, $30,000 or more, Shore Lanes has a fundraising program suited for your groups' needs. A Shore Lanes fundraising program is fun for the participants and beneficial for your organization. Shore Lanes fundraisers are available to be run at various times throughout the year. The solution to raising money through a Shore Lanes fundraiser is endless. Check out our  Frequently Asked Questions & our Fundraiser Checklist page where we give you more tips when you book your party. Fundraiser Contract. Call 586-283-0880 Ext 0 to find out how to book your next event with us.

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Each attendee secures a minimum amount of sponsorship dollars to be able to participate. Non-profits are free to determine their price point for sponsorship. Kids typically solicit parents and relatives. Adults solicit relatives, friends and co-workers. Part of their sponsorship money will cover the attendee's entry fee. The rest of the money goes to the non-profit.


Prizes from donated items are awarded to create an incentive for attendees to go above and beyond their sponsorship minimum. The most money raised by an attendee gets first choice from their prize vault. The second most raised gets second choice, and so on. Having donated items will help raise the gross earnings. Donations are relatively easily to obtain. Most businesses see these obvious benefits.

Raffles / Silent Auctions

Another easy way to increase revenue is to hold a 50/50 raffle or silent auction during the event. State law requires non-profits to get a license if raffle winnings exceed $100 that day or is conducted outside the events scheduled date and time. A silent auction has no state restrictions and has a huge potential of making big dollars.

Gift Cards At A Reduced Price

We will off your group gift cards at a reduced price to sell to your guests at a great value. Example: You purchase $15.00 gift card from Shore Lanes for $5.00. Your group sells the card for $10.00 to friends and family. Your group just made $5.00 and the purchaser got a great value.

The Bottom Line

Let's assume the fundraiser will have 50 attendees. Without incorporating sponsorships, donations, raffles and a silent auction the non-profit will raise $500. ($10 X 50) Here's a projection incorporating sponsorships, donations, raffles and silent auctions. Let's assume a $25 participation fee. $10 goes to Shore Lanes and $15 goes to the non-profit for a non-profit net of $750. Donations should increase the net proceeds by at least $250. Raffles should increase the net by $100. Silent auctions should add at least another $500. That's a total net profit of $1,600 Non-profits are allowed to use any, all or none of these additional revenue streams.

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